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Webb School Hosts Spring Visiting Artist Ian Kennelly

July 25, 2019 By Webb Alumni Office

Webb School was pleased to host spring visiting artist Ian Kennelly. He began his five-week tenure at Webb, February 5, and worked with Webb students in all three divisions during their art classes.

Originally from Southern California, Ian Kennelly moved to the east coast to attend the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. He later went back to the Los Angeles area to complete his MFA in painting from Claremont Graduate University before returning to Boston with his family.

Kennelly has exhibited across the Northeast and the West Coast, including exhibitions at Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, WBUR, Boston Children’s Museum, and the South Shore Art Center.

When he isn’t drawing, painting or making sculpture in his studio in Boston’s historic Fort Point District, Kennelly is an after-school instructor at a local public school, teaching not only art, but also natural sciences and engineering principles using Legos. Most recently, he was invited to be the Guest Studio Artist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston for the “Creative Play” Third Thursday event. There he helped guests create their own ideal play spaces using his massive collection of Lego pieces.

For more information about Ian Kennelly and to view his work, go to www.iankennelly.comor follow him on Instagram at @ian_kennelly.


More about Webb's Artist in Residency Program

Webb’s Artist-In-Residence program, an on-campus teaching and learning experience, has helped enrich Webb School’s learning community and broaden students’ exposure to professional artists, their work and their perspectives.

Now in its 18th year, the program features nationally and internationally acclaimed artists, and provides Webb students with a view into the real world of art by exposing them to working artists and inspiring them to explore their own creative abilities. Webb’s Artist-In-Residence program also seeks to foster collaborative relationships between the artist and the school’s students, faculty and parents.

During their four-to six-week tenures at Webb each fall and spring, guest artists critique student work and supplement classroom instruction, and work on their own pieces for an exhibition at the end of their residency